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Ta Meri Finance: financing automated IT platform goes live

Paphos, 05th of August 2019 – TA MERI FINANCE PVT. LTD, a member of the international TA MERI GROUP and the brand owner of LUXURY CARS CLUB & FINANCING and SMART FINANCE, launches high-end automated IT platform – HES Lending Platform – to provide financing to its customers in Cyprus.
IT platform provides functionality of customers’ acquisition, decision making, complex credit product engine with multiple features such as insurance, document management, CRM, reporting and more.
Now, the customers of Luxury Cars Club and Financing, as well as the customers of Smart Finance can enjoy the comfort of “one stop shop” approach of purchase and finance a car. A customer can select a car, get the financing, request car services and buy insurance directly in one place, in any car shop which is a Luxury Cars partner. Moreover, a customer could repay all these expenses via monthly installments.
HES Lending Platform has several technology-based competitive advantages. The key advantage is maturity and flexibility, as the platform balances the agility of customisation and the maturity of the HES Core Lending Engine, which assures that a financing provider has a go-to-market project within few months. HES Lending Platform is a no proprietary technology based on FOSS-technologies. There are no licensing fees (except for the platform source code), and no per-user charges or penalties for growth. These allow Ta Meri Finance focus on business growth without the reference to technological limitations of the core IT system.

Roman Vavron, Ta Meri Finance Chief Executive Officer:

We have chosen HES company as a finance IT platform provider for us for several reasons. First, the company has deep expertise on financial markets in different countries. Second, HES Lending Platform is very flexible and easy-to-use by our partner shops. The system works online, real-time, so no installations are needed.
It is crucial for us to have user-friendly platform as our business model suggests that our partner shops create financing application in our IT system by themselves. All we have to do is to grant them an access to the system and do a short training for them.
And the third reason to choose HES is that this is a costwise IT solution. It is also very important for us because we didn`t want to install heavy IT system with great maintenance cost.

Dmitry Dolgorukov, HES Сo-founder:

Ta Meri founders approached HES with a unique business idea of financing luxury car purchase – first of a kind in Cyprus – with an automated platform by HES. HES implemented a solution for the new market by helping to develop the core logic, workflow and business processes. HES was challenged to implement Lending Solution within few months. A successful launch happened in timely manner which allows a customer to occupy a solid position on the market in short term.
We are excited to establish a strategic partnership with Ta Meri Finance and support their financing operation in the Cyprus region. Helping our clients to achieve their business objectives is our core focus. We believe that our proven expertise and best-in-class lending software will support that mission and help Ta Meri Finance drive strategic growth and expansion.


Within the cooperation frame, Ta Meri Finance will provide loans from 60 up to 350 thousand euro to Maserati car buyers for a period up to 5 years with 0-50% down payment. The company will provide loans to Cyprus and other EU citizens, as well as to the citizens of other countries who have a long-term residence permit in Cyprus.